I love New Years and New Years resolutions (I make a lot of resolutions/goals). I’ve been reading on social media about how that resolutions don’t work, or saying those people setting them aren’t going to really accomplish anything. I assume that could be true- I don’t hit all of my goals every year, so it Read More

One of the good habits we focus on rewarding in our youth program is reading. Some students come to us and they already love to read, others don’t have much of an interest. When I hear a student doesn’t like to read, I just think they haven’t found the right book yet.  Anything you’re interested in, Read More

“Ultimately, there’s one investment that supersedes all others: Invest in yourself.” According to one of the world’s richest men Warren Buffett. Imagine being more calm, more focused, more confident, more disciplined, and in better shape. Would improvement in these areas help you at work? At home? In your relationships? With your health? Of course! These Read More

One of the areas we focus on teaching at the dojo is the importance of setting goals. One of the big benefits of the martial arts belt system is the ability to set a concrete goal for yourself. To be a white belt today and be able to say, I’m going to be a black Read More

parent helping a child with schoolwork

Our Community Resource page is perfect location for all of our community members, martial arts students and our kids karate program parents to visit. From our martial arts News and Events to our Pro-shop we have you covered. Our academy and our professional martial arts staff of instructors completely understand the value of communication. This Read More